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Paying it Forwards!

Dane County Humane Society Collaboration

An important aspect of SciPaws is that I donate to different causes. I don’t have free time to physically volunteer with different organizations/charities, so I use a portion of the profits made from different bandana collections to donate to these organizations. 


One organization that I’ve decided to have a long-term partnership with is the Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) here in Madison, WI. In the past, I’ve been donating 1lb of animal food to the shelter per order. Now, DCHS and SciPaws have made a stronger collaboration. I have 3 bandana prints that you can add-on to your order (Phosphorus, Iodine & Tin) and I’ll be donating 50% of the proceeds from these prints to the shelter. Once these prints get low in stock, or sell out, I’ll be changing to new prints to keep it fresh!

DCHS in 2020 had an event called "Bark and Wine" that I participated in as well. I donated $2000 worth of bandanas of varying styles to be included in every "Bark and Wine" box set. 

Close up of the top, right of a pet bandana that has DNA strands on it and a pair of glasses on it

Ocean Conservancy
Arctic Preservation

Close up of purple/blue bandana that has a constellation theme and glitter on it

Another cause that I feel strongly about is the Arctic and it’s continued devastation. I wanted to spread awareness of the continued destruction to one of the most unique ecosystems on this planet, so I released the Polar Collection. This collection included 6 different prints, which ranged over different aspects of the Arctic. This included a narwhals print, the arctic unicorn, who have tusks that are actually just a canine tooth extending out. It also included a polar bear print, who surprisingly actually have black skin even though their fur is intensely white. They’re also the largest land carnivore. It also included whales, the northern lights, celestial space, penguins (which are not in the arctic), seals and the constellations. I donated 10% of the proceeds from these bandanas to the Ocean Conservancy, which has an aspect that focuses on arctic devastation. At the beginning of March 2020, I was able to donate $75 to the organization!

WIRES Australian Animal Rescue
Koala Endangerment

The third cause I raised money for was WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue. They were a huge rescue organization that rescued all types of animals during the raging bushfires in Australia that started at the end of 2019 and lasted through the start of 2020. One animal in particular, Koalas, were in great danger as they are slow moving creatures and don’t have the ability to run to safety. I released a koala print for a week and donated 100% of the profits to WIRES. I raised about $150 for the wildlife rescue, which I donated at the beginning of March 2020. 


These are just 3 organizations that I feel strongly about and want to assist now that I have means to do so. I will continue to raise money for various organizations I want to support. Usually, I release a specific bandana print collection in support of the organization. 

Close up of bandana with koalas sitting in a tree thats budding fruit. Pair of glasses in the corner
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