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Terms & Conditions

This website is entirely operated by SciPaws. Terms used throughout include "our website", "we", "our", and "us", which all refer to SciPaws and its management. Everything posted on this website is available to you, the customer, with the understanding that you accept all of our Terms & Conditions "Terms", story policies, and general notices listed. 

Any purchase made from our site means you have agreed to be bound by these Terms and policies. Everyone who accesses this site must abide by these terms, regardless of what title you might have: customer, vendor, models, etc. Please read these Terms in depth before continuing to access our site so you have a full understanding of all conditions regarding your interaction on this site and any purchases. If you don't agree with a part, or the entire Terms, then you may no longer access our site or make any purchases. 

If you're ever confused about a condition or new policy, please refer back to these Terms, as this will serve as the updated version of conditions, policies and notices regarding this website. We reserve the rights to update, remove or change any part of these Terms without providing you with knowledge of this update. It is your sole responsibility to check back at this page from time to time to look for any changes. Continued use after the Terms have been changed will apply and you will therefore be agreeing to those new changes. You agree by using this site that you are of at least legal age, stated by whichever place of residence you are from, and legally can access and purchase online. If you are a minor, then you need to have permission from your dependent in order to access and purchase anything from our website. We are not held responsible for any minor that accesses or purchases from SciPaws without their dependents permission, if such were to happen. That is solely on you as the user. 

The intellectual property and any other information presented on this site may not be used for commercial purposes of any sort without prior consent from the SciPaws Owner. You agree not to copy, duplicate, reproduce, resell or any form of exploitation any portion of our services and products without prior written permission. If you're found to have breached or violated any of these Terms, we will immediately terminate any provided Services. We also hold the right to take any necessary legal action if you have breached or violated these Terms. 


SciPaws is hosted by Wix and they provide our shop this platform in order to share our information and sell our products to you. 

Personal Data

Once you have completed your order, you agree to allow us to store your information so that we can process and finalize your purchase. You have the right to change your personal information, as well as the right to request we remove all saved data. Please contact us via email to do so. 

Product Information 

Product photos displayed, specific descriptions, individual prices, shipping costs and additional applicable charges are entitled to be changed by SciPaws without prior disclosure. 

Almost every print listed in the shop is asymmetrical, meaning that not every single bandana of that print will be the exact same. There will be slight differences between each of the bandanas made from the same fabric that is asymmetrical, thus bringing you a very unique bandana every time. We aim to accurately portray what the products are that are displayed online. However, we cannot guarantee that your device display will always accurately show the correct colors. 


Additionally, every bandana is entirely handcrafted. Due to this, there could be slight human error discrepancies between each bandana. We aim to provide you with the highest quality products and if we feel the final product produced isn't high enough quality, we'll contact you first. 

We hold the right to limit the amount of sales of any product to any person geographic region. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or disability. We hold the right to exercise limited amount of sales to an individual based on a case-by-case basis. 

If you receive a product that is damaged upon opening the package please contact us. We are not responsible for any damage done due to the postage carrier's transport of the package. If the damage is not due to rough transport, but rather manufacturer, please take a photo of the package it came in, a picture of the entire bandana and a picture of the specific area that has been damaged. We will assess on a case-by-case basis whether the damage is due to manufacturer or external damage. If found to be a faulty product, we will partially or fully refund you based on your specific case and the overall assessment. 


The typical time it takes to finish a package is between 4-7 weeks. SciPaws isn't my only job - I have a full-time job that requires over-time very frequently. Due to this, I mostly work on orders on weekends since that's the only free time I have available. If we do not have your product shipped by the end of 7 weeks, then you are entitled to cancel your order completely and receive a full refund. 

Upon purchase, you will soon after receive a confirmation email, which will also stand as your order receipt. Please ensure that you have provided the correct email address due to this - if you entered the wrong address, please again email us right away! We hold the right to merge your orders if you've made multiple orders that are to be mailed all to the same mailing address.  


Within 24 hours of completing your order you may request a cancellation. Any time after the 24 hour mark I will not accept the cancellation and your order will be processed. 

Please refer to our "Shipping & Returns" page for in-depth information on our policy regarding shipping and return and exchanging products. 


SciPaws liability towards problems regarding delivery is limited to shipping packages by the stated days listed in the "Shipping & Returns" section regarding "processing time". SciPaws cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise once the package has been transferred to the postage company. The stated shipping dates posted in the "Shipping & Returns" section are approximations based on the speed most packages move to those specific regions of the world. Dates are subject to change based on various postage elements, such as distribution processing, importing, customs, etc. 

It is your responsibility as the customer to assess the final safety of the product you have received based on your individual situation. SciPaws cannot be held responsible for any sort of damage to any of the products caused by direct or indirect uses, or misuses. It is your responsibility to assess the safety of your product before every use. Ensure that snaps and the label are firmly attached before each use. We are not responsible if they come loose or fall of over time. We are not responsible for the damage to your product based on how you clean it as well.

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