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  • What size should I get for my pet?
    Please measure your pets’ neck before choosing bandana size. Use a loose measuring tape and be sure not to measure too tightly around their neck. Add 1” to 2” to the measured length of your pets’ neck so there’s a little breathing room. Then, look at the provided sizes to determine which bandana size you need. If you’re unsure if the size is the right size, size up! Bandanas may be a bit long on your pets’ neck if you sized up. Fold the top of the bandana down, tie and then snap for a better fit.
  • What if the size I need isn't in-stock?
    Check the listing to see if there’s a larger size available in that print. Then, send me a direct message via Instagram, or a message through the "Contact Us" option, so that way I can cut it down for you. I will ONLY do this if the size is 1 size larger than the one you want AND if I have surplus material available. Example: if you want a medium and there’s a large, I can cut that down. However, I can't go from a large down to a small.
  • How do I care for the bandanas?
    Hand wash and spot clean with warm water. Allow to air dry and then iron as needed. Avoid the label and snaps while ironing so as to not damage them. The new leather labels are waterproof so don’t worry when washing them. Wash your items in a washer machine and tumble dry on low at your own digression. I advice againt it since there's the potential to ruin them, but do so at your own risk.
  • Can my pet model for your shop?
    Unfortunately you cannot join my model team during the middle of a model term. Every 6 months or so I have models searches, which is when you have a chance to be a model! I look for high engagement, photo quality and genuine support of my shop the most when it comes to choosing models to join my team. This is all done on Instagram! Check us out at @Scipaws
  • Are there any chances to win free products or discount codes?
    Make sure to follow our instagram, @scipaws, for announcements of giveaways and general opportunities to win free products. These announcements will only be shared on instagram. You can also get a 15% off coupon for leaving a review!


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