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Graduate Students

Meet the team of SciPaws models!

They're an integral part of the SciPaws family. They help me in many ways, such as being product testers, help formulate my ideas and generally just shop promotion. 
On my instagram (@scipaws) I hold model searches sporadically. If you want to join the SciPaws family, just look out for a model search announcement!!

Girl in black next to a tan dog wearing a surgery cone. Both matching face mask and dog bandana

Hi I'm Gua

Favorite SciPaws Item:

Anything related to astronomy!

Gua Fun Fact:

Gua has a brother named Drogo and they're from Portugal! Hiking and going camping is without any doubt, our favorite thing to do!

Photo Description:

Catarina (human) is sitting with and Gua (yellow dog with white markings). Catarina is wearing a mask that matches Gua's bandana. Gua has a cone around her head too.

Model Code:

Brown hound mix looking at camera with ears out wearing white bandana with elements on it

Hi I'm Subi

This is a toss up between Livermorium bandana because it’s subtle + nerdy and the Black Lives Matter in Science everything because I helped Corelle with the print.

Model Code:

Favorite SciPaws Item:

Subi Fun Fact:

Subi loves apples! She'll chose an apple slice over literally anything else!

Photo Description:

Tan dog with black accented featured staring up at the camera, smiling. She's wearing the "Carbon" bandana

Hi I'm Lupin

Favorite SciPaws Item:

The bandanas and scrunchies! Mawm loves the two-tones scrunchies, and the bandana quality is THE BEST. The craftsmanship is out of this world for all items to be honest!

Lupin Fun Fact:

Lupin loves the fall and winter because leaves and snow make great snacks

Photo Description:

Brown poodle wearing leaf crown and the bandana "Germanium"

Model Code:

Brown poodle wearing a leave flower crown and a blue bandana with glittery bees on it

Hi I'm Azrael

Favorite SciPaws Item:

Darmstadtium | Chromosome & DNA bandana is the perfect fit for my research interests. And teal is my favourite colour!

Azrael Fun Fact:

Az loves wildlife. She befriends every small rodent, amphibian, and reptile she meets. Her best friend is a chipmunk. But she attacks any bee she sees.

Photo Description:

Black cat with green eyes sitting on a tan couch and staring at the camera. She's wearing "Darmstadtium"

Model Code:

Black cat with green eyes wearing a black bandana with teal DNA strands and blue chromosomes on it
Black cat standing in brush wearing a white bandana with elements from the periodic table on it

Curie knows 10 tricks: High five, play dead, sit pretty, spin, dance & wave are her best!

Black lab sitting on park bench wearing a colorful bandana with petri dishes on it

Hi I'm Lila

Model Code:

Our favorite SciPaws item is the OG lab jacket bandana that first caught our attention to this awesome shop!

Favorite SciPaws Item:

Lila Fun Fact:

Lila worked for 2 years as a guide dog before she retired! Now when she isn’t snuggling, she plays a team dog relay sport called flyball!

Photo Description:

Black lab laying down on a park bench wearing a colorful petri dish bandana

Hi I'm Curie

Model Code:

Black cat with orange/yellow eyes standing among fall foliage and wearing "Carbon"

Curie Fun Fact:

Photo Description:

Favorite SciPaws Item:

Favorite SciPaws item is the black and white periodic table bandana. It's a classic and one that Curie will often just wear around the house looking cute 24/7, as opposed to a "photos only" accessory.

Hi I'm Hermes

Favorite SciPaws Item:

The ECG bandana! We love medical science and it’s perfect for mom’s job

Hermes Fun Fact:

Hermes loves mornings and snuggles and long hikes and herding his doggo sister Maia.

Photo Description:

Tri-colored mini Aussie standing in front of a bush. He's wearing "Neon" bandana

Model Code:

Tri colored aussie wearing a grey bandana with green DNA strands and atomic symbols on it

Hi I'm Winston

Favorite SciPaws Item:

I love the cell themed bandanas, I work in molecular biology so I feel drawn to them.

Winston Fun Fact:

Winston loves food more than anything 😂 but he also loves backpacking!
Instagram: @dustypawsinc

Photo Description:

Black, gray and tan wire-haired dog sitting on a giant stump with one of his paws up in the air. He's wearing a custom bandana

Model Code:

Grey wire-haired dog sitting on stump wearing black bandana with colorful dancers on it
Tri colored corgi laying down and wearing a black bandana with teal DNA strands and blue chromosomes

Hi I'm Arlo

Favorite SciPaws Item:

Bandana and scrunchie set! We love matching

Arlo Fun Fact:

He loves to go to the beach or swim in the water!

Photo Description:

Tan corgi with white and black markings is laying down, staring at the camera while wearing a black and teal DNA bandana

Model Code:

Bully breed dog with tooth sticking out wearing brown bead necklace, tan bandana with mushrooms

Hi I'm Jax

Bio Coming Soon!


Bio Coming Soon!

Hi I'm Ruthie

Golden retriever wearing a purple bandana with glittery butterflies on it

Bio Coming Soon!

Hi I'm Dewey

Brown corgi/chow chow mix wearing navy bandana with EKG lines and hearts on it
Catahoula dog laying down and has a white fuzzy blanket with orcas on it

Bio Coming Soon!

Hi I'm Kolo

Border collie with large ears wearing white bandana with green organelles on it

Hi I'm Dexter

Bio Coming Soon!


Hi I'm Iluka

Bio Coming Soon!

Brown dog with 1 blue eye sitting on log and wearing a tan bandana with mushrooms on it

Hi I'm Qalbi

Bio Coming Soon!

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