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Now You and Your Pet Can Both Geek Out

Handcrafted Nerdy Pet Bandanas & Accessories

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Nerd Alert!

SciPaws provides nerdy, yet stylish bandanas to pets around the world, while fostering enthusiasm for the diverse world of science.


Taking a step further, we contribute to the conservation of nature through education and donations.

Hi! I'm Corelle!

Welcome to SciPaws, the nerdiest pet accessories shop you'll ever encounter!


Science has always been my main passion and, like lots of other dog moms, I love accessorizing my pups! So why not combine the two?

The quality is amazing. Love the snap versus tying it. The print is so bright and delightful

Amanda & Norman —

Instagram Handle: @formalnorman


Since opening, SciPaws  has received over

160 5-star reviews

average rating is 5 out of 5

Committed to providing:

High quality products

Great customer service

Unique designs 

And just the right amount of nerdiness 

SciPaws Lab Assistants 

Meet the official SciPaws lab assistants!

Using the Agile Development Method:

Here in the SciPaws lab we use the agile development method. The team is very thorough with inspections so we can provide you all with top tier products. Products are routinely tested, even after global launch since there's always room for improvement. 

We don't believe that 'practice make perfect'. We believe that 'practice makes progress'. There's always room for improvement no matter how well versed you may be in your field. Our team strives to bring you the top quality gear with a healthy balance between science and fashion!





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