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Now You and Your Pet Can Both Geek Out


4 cat kickers with bells and worms

What's New in Research?

New Cat Kicker Design has Arrived!

Out with the old and in with the NEW!

The cat kickers have been totally revamped with the assistance of Miestro (the feisty orange tabby)

Each toy now comes with a jingle bell and a cute, colorful worm sewn at the end of the kicker with plenty of catnip inside


Environmentally Friendly Note:

Sustainability is important and I strive to run this business as eco-friendly as I can. Over the years I have kept almost all of my fabric scraps since I didn't want to waste it. To reduce SciPaws's carbon footprint, I now reuse fabric scraps as the stuffing instead of purchasing it!

This allows for much less fabric waste and a unique textured toy your cat is bound to love!

Catahoula dog wearing a blue bandana with light blue strands of DNA on it

Nerd Alert!

SciPaws provides nerdy, yet stylish bandanas to pets around the world, while fostering enthusiasm for the diverse world of science.


Taking a step further, we contribute to the conservation of nature through education and donations.

Hound mix sitting on a chair and wearing a white bandana when chemical compounds on it

Hi! I'm Corelle!

Welcome to SciPaws, the nerdiest pet accessories shop you'll ever encounter!


Science has always been my main passion and, like lots of other dog moms, I love accessorizing my pups! So why not combine the two?

Corelle and her fiance, border collie and merle aussie sitting together in the snow
A gray speckled dog wearing a ugly xmas bandana and tan dog wearing navy bandana with atoms on it

We got a holiday box for our 2 large dogs. There was so much stuff! Beautiful handmade bandanas, a scrunchie, treats, toys, a face mask and even candy! The bandanas fit well and look gorgeous. The mask is comfortable and I've used the scrunchie every single day. We appreciated the hand written note from Corelle too! 

— Stephanie, Laika & Tembo

I love this print and the bandana! I ordered a small because Wellington is quite fluffy and it works pretty well. Folding down an inch or two makes the bandana fit on pretty nicely.

Victoria & Wellington —

Grey and white cat staring up. He's wearing a navy bandana with white stars and a rocket ship


Since opening, SciPaws  has received over

160 5-star reviews

Committed to providing:

High quality products

Great customer service

Unique designs 

And just the right amount of nerdiness 

SciPaws Lab Assistants 

Meet the official SciPaws lab assistants!

Using the Agile Development Method:

Here in the SciPaws lab we use the agile development method. The team is very thorough with inspections so we can provide you all with top tier products. Products are routinely tested, even after global launch since there's always room for improvement. 

We don't believe that 'practice make perfect'. We believe that 'practice makes progress'. There's always room for improvement no matter how well versed you may be in your field. Our team strives to bring you the top quality gear with a healthy balance between science and fashion!


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